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Learn a beautiful and dynamic choreography to the amazing entrance song El Nasseem


Discover the beauty and elegance of Andalusian

music and history with Christine Yaven

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Romantic Veil Workshop to the beautiful song Asr el Sho by Marwan Khoury.

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Hot Balady Girl Summer series with two fun workshops: Balady with Melaya or Balady with Sagat

Maltashet el 2loub.png

Learn a fun choreography on Zoom in this 4 weeks series of classes to Maltashet el Oloub by Mostafa Shawky.

El Ghazala Ray2a.png

Join a 4 session Technique & Choreography series to the hottest new song from Cairo - Elghazala Ray2a


Join a 4 session Technique & Choreography series to an unusual Drum Solo - Hopa Tito Balaha

VEIL Workshop.png

Learn a beautiful Veil choreography to a romantic Turkish song....

This epic entrance piece composed by Mohammad Ali tells the age-old story of Cinderella. Bring a Veil and let's explore this timeless classic Mejanse!

From the taxim solo building up to the high energy finale, Owlely Kelma ya Nesma is the perfect Baladi progression.

A timeless classic song, originally sung by the great Oum Kalsoum...

Aghadan Alkak.jpg

Learn a Golden Era inspired choreography to a classic oriental song by Oum Kalthoum 


Create your own personalized choreography and story in this unique 2 Week course.

FRIDAY 23rd APRIL 7.00 - 8.30pm (90 min)

Explore the Samaii as a rhythm, as a musical structure and different ways to dance...

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Learn a beautiful Oriental routine or Mejanse in this 4 Week Choreography series.

Maltashet el 2loub-2.png

Learn a fun choreography in this 4 weeks series of classes to the hot new Egyptian Pop Song, OOH LA LA by Hamada Helal.

eskandarany choreography.png

Join a 4 session Technique & Choreography series to the hottest new song from Cairo - Elghazala Ray2a

Neo-Andalusian Choreography.png

Pioneered by Nesma-al Andalusia, learn a beautiful choreography in the Neo-Andalusian style with Christine

Learn a romantic lyrical choreography to Oul Reje3t Leh by the famous Hussein al Jasmi...

A timeless classic, Bahlam Beek (I Dream of You) was originally sung by the great Abdel Halim Hafez. Learn a beautiful and elegant choreography...

A Bellydancer's favourite folklore prop, the cane has always been a popular part of an Oriental dance show.

Sung by the great Farid-al-Atrash, Ya Habaybi Ya Ghaybeen brings back the nostalgia and sweetness of the Golden Era in Cairo, Egypt

Taking inspiration from the Golden Era period of Hollywood glamour in Cairo, Egypt, join Christine...

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