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El Nasseem Mejanse Choreography

Learn a beautiful choreography to the amazing song El Nasseem.


In this 4 week course, Christine will teach detailed technique and choreography to this magical song.


Course Type: Choreography 

Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Length: 4 Sessions x 60+ min.

Fee: USD  40 

Aghadan Alkak Choreography


Learn a Golden Era inspired choreography to an Oum Kalthoum Classic Song

In this 4 week course, Christine will give detailed technique and Choreography breakdown.​


Course Type: Choreography
Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Length: 4 Sessions x 60+ min.

Fee: USD 40 


Neo-Andalusian: Introduction to Andalusian Music & Dance

Discover the beauty and elegance of Andalusian music and history with Christine Yaven in this

5 Week Introduction Course.

Infusing her own interpretation and style, explore the roots of this poetic form and learn a choreography in the Neo-Andalusian style to a modern Muwashah song with jazz influences

Course Type: Lecture & Choreography

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Length: 5 Sessions x 60 minutes

Fee: USD 55 


YOU are a Balady Girl...Bint el Balad. You are looking out your window and day-dreaming. Suddenly you notice a really handsome man walking down the street. Do you flirt with him boldly, or are you shy and only make eye contact?

Create your own personalized choreography and story in this unique 2 Week course.


Christine will teach a Choreography structure to the classic balady song, Taht il Shibbak (Below my Window) and give options for multiple variations to suit your dance style! Explore, Create & Dance! You are the Star of your Dance! 

Course Type: Dance/Structured Choreography

Level: All Levels
Fee: USD 47*

*Fee includes the music (single track) if you'd like to buy the full CD, please contact me.

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Romantic Veil Choroeography

Romantic Veil Workshop to the beautiful song Asr el Sho by Marwan Khoury.

'Your voice, your face, your scent, your hair,

The touch of your hands calls me,

I see in you the mother of my children,

And smell the breeze of my land and people'

Course Type: Choreography

Prop: Veil (Silk or Chiffon)

Fee: USD 28

FRIDAY 23rd APRIL 7.00 - 8.30pm (90 min)

SAMAII: Exploring the Music & Dance


Come and explore the Samaii in this special workshop! Explore the samaii as a rhythm, as a musical structure and different ways to dance to this beautiful music.

Course Type: Lecture & Choreography

Level: All Levels

Fee: USD 20 

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Hot Balady Girl Summer

July & August Workshops

Join me for a hot Balady Girl Summer with two fun workshops in July and August.​

Saturday 24th July


Learn a feminine and sassy Balady choreography with the added playfulness of a Melaya.

Students will learn some Melaya Leff technique and a fun choreography.

Saturday 21st August


Learn a cute choreography and some interesting Sagat (Finger cymbal) patterns to a Balady song.

Use of Sagat is optional, no previous finger cymbal experience necessary

Time: 7.00pm - 9.15pm Jakarta GMT+7

Fee: 1 Workshop USD 35 or Both USD 60

All sessions will be recorded for those unable to make it live on zoom

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AUGUST - 4 Weeks

Learn a fun choreography on Zoom in this 4 weeks series of classes to Maltashet el Oloub by Mostafa Shawky.

Translated as Ridiculous Heart, the singer talks to his heart, warning him of the pitfalls of falling in love.

Date: 5th -26th August 2021 
Time: 8.00pm - 9.00pm (Jakarta GMT+7) 

Fee: USD 50 or IDR 550K 

All classes will be recorded for those unable to join Live on Zoom.

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Soul of Cairo - Oriental Routine

Learn a beautiful Oriental routine or Mejanse in this 4 Week Choreography series.

This song has haunted me for years, and if you know the song, you'll understand what I mean. Such a beautiful composition with very intricate and soulful sections. 

Come and dance with me!

4 Week Choreography Course

Date: Saturday 4th - 25th Sept

Time: 7.30pm - 8.45pm (Jakarta GMT+7)

Fee: USD 60 or IDR 700K

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4 Weeks Course

Learn a fun choreography on Zoom in this 4 weeks series of classes to the hot new Egyptian Pop Song, OOH LA LA by Hamada Helal.

Thursday 4 Week Series

Date: Thursday 9th - 30th September 2021

Time: 8.00pm - 9.00pm (Jakarta GMT+7)

Fee: USD 50