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Rhythms, Technique & Combinations

Learn Middle Eastern Drum Rhythms, Technique and Combinations in 6 full Class Videos in this pre-recorded Series of Online Videos.

Each class is 60 minutes and includes detailed break-down of the Rhythm, 8 to 10 new technique and 2 full Combinations for practice.

6 Class Videos:
- 3 Beginner to Advanced Beginner level
- 3 Intermediate to Advanced level

5 Drum Rhythms:

- Saidi

- Maqsoum

- Malfouf

- Chiftitelli

- Masmoudi


Students can watch the video multiple times and at any time, plus receive feedback and support from Christine personally.

Video Package Fees: 

1 Video - IDR 250K/ USD 20

3 Videos - IDR 600K/ USD 50

6 Videos - IDR 800K/ USD 65

Payment by PayPal or Bank Transfer

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