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Theory & Lectures

Joys of Taxim.jpg

Explore the joy of improvising to Taksim music with Christine Yaven....


Discover the beauty and elegance of Andalusian

music and history with Christine Yaven in this

5 Week Introduction Course.

Tension & Flow-2.png

Explore dance dynamics, transitions and more in this special workshop.​


Do you have trouble improvising on the spot? Tired of memorizing choreographies?

Want to improve your Improvisation skills?

Back to Basics.png

Encompassing technique, fluidity, transitions and more, the basics are the foundation for all dancers. 

Ahwak - 4 Ways.png

Come and explore 4 different versions of the classic song Ahwak! From the original version by Abdel Halim Hafez t​o....

VEIL Workshop.png

Learn Veil techniques and a short combination


A very special 4 week online course working on improvisation skills, musicality and practical exercises...

1001 Combinations & Variations.jpg

Spice up your Combinations and Variations in this 4 Week course with Christine Yaven.

Elegant Hands & Arms (4 Week Series).png

Elegant Hands & Arms with Christine

The Art of Less is More (IG).png

The Art of Less is More is all about doing less but creating a bigger impact in your dance.

From Mashriq.png

Find out more about the rich folk dances of the Middle Eastern region. Starting from the Mashriq East, to the Maghreb West...

Ahwak - 4 Ways-2.png

Come and explore 4 different versions of the classic song Ya Msafer Wahdak

thank you so much_edited.jpg

Explore the Baladi Progression through Structured Improvisation with the Cane

(after use, please.png

Explore the Baladi Progression through music and dance with a short lecture on the background and musical structure...

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