Theory & Lectures 

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The Joy of Taxim

Explore the joy of improvising to Taksim music with Christine Yaven. Participants will practice tips on dancing to solo melodic music, to free the mind, heart and body so as to express pure and unadulterated joy as well as other emotions. Let your soul dance!


Level: All Levels

Workshop Type: Lecture & Dance

Length: 90 minutes

Fee: USD 20

The Art of Being You

A very special 4 week online course working on improvisation skills, musicality and practical exercises, to help each participant discover their own style, and create a choreography or choreography structure that is quintessentially theirs.

Please note, this is not a Choreography course,  and after 4 weeks, each participant should ideally finish creating their own choreography/dance.  

Course Type: Lecture & Dance 

Length: 4x 60+ minutes

Fee: USD 45

Neo-Andalusian: Introduction to Andalusian Music & Dance

Discover the beauty and elegance of Andalusian music and history with Christine Yaven in this

5 Week Introduction Course.

Infusing her own interpretation and style, explore the roots of this poetic form and learn a choreography in the Neo-Andalusian style to a modern Muwashah song with jazz influences

Course Type: Lecture & Choreography

Level: All Levels

Fee: USD 55 

1001 Combinations & Variations

Spice up your Combinations and Variations in this 4 Week course with Christine Yaven. Explore different combinations of movements and how to add variety to the combination. This is an excellent course for those who are teaching, or starting to create your own choreogaphies.


Course Type: Theory & Dance 

Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Fee: USD 45 


Explore dance dynamics, transitions and more in this special workshop.


Learn how to control your energy, through intention, tension and flow to create beautiful transitions, dynamics and intention in your dance.

Breathe, release and dance!

Course Type: Technique & Drills

Level: All Levels 

Fee: USD 25

Elegant Hands & Arms

4 Week Series

Come and join me for a 4 weeks of hands and arms! Each week we will focus on different concepts and exercises to increase flexibility and incorporate organic arm movements to suit our own individual style

Course Type: Technique, Concepts & Drills

Level: All Levels

Fee: USD 40


4 Week Series

Do you have trouble improvising on the spot? Tired of memorizing choreographies?

Want to improve your Improvisation skills?


Come and join this 4 Week Boot Camp focused on Improvisation skills and tips. Each week we will focus on different concepts and exercises to help you improvise easier to different genres of music

Course Type: Concepts & Exercises

Level: Intermediate and up

Fee: USD 60

Rhythms, Technique & Combinations

Learn Middle Eastern Drum Rhythms, Technique and Combinations in 6 full Class Videos in this pre-recorded Series of Online Videos.

Each class is 60 minutes and includes detailed break-down of the Rhythm, 8 to 10 new technique and 2 full Combinations for practice.

6 Class Videos:
- 3 Beginner to Advanced Beginner level
- 3 Intermediate to Advanced level

5 Drum Rhythms:

- Saidi

- Maqsoum

- Malfouf

- Chiftitelli

- Masmoudi


Students can watch the video multiple times and at any time, plus receive feedback and support from Christine personally.

Video Package Fees: 

1 Video - IDR 250K/ USD 20

3 Videos - IDR 600K/ USD 50

6 Videos - IDR 800K/ USD 65

Payment by PayPal or Bank Transfer